Ninth Circle
Loretta Lamb
Sydney Morning Herald - Ninth Circle Finale - 5 Star
Many fans have taken to the message boards, Rotten Tomatoes rates it at 33%. People have even been calling for it to be debated in parliament. But we at the Sydney Morning Herald say 'no', and this is why. Ninth Circle has always been fantastic quality especially in it's writing. Spencer Maguire needed to end it before it jumped the shark no matter what the TV execs and the fans want. Ninth Circle never jumped the shark even in the last episode. The plot threads are never going to be all resolved and that is a good thing. We can speculate for years about the ending and the these unresolved threads that will be the enjoyment for years. Look at the ending of cult classic 'The Prisoner'. Back in 1969 switchboard were jammed about the ending, people were livid and that is what made it a cult. Those of you who wanted a happy ending, well no life isn't like that. Those of you who wanted Date and Carter to get together. Hello. Carter died at the end of season 7 were you paying attention? No one wants the corny, "It was just a dream" and have Carter appear from the shower like Bobby did in Dallas. Life is full of unrequited love. The evil King of the Roman North Murcock is obviously based upon Rupert Murdoch. Here is Australia he own 5 of the national newspapers and just wants more just as Murcock wants to own all of the sectors. Sadly there is nothing to stop him owning it all, that is life. No happy endings. I salute your guts many writers are scared of taking on Murdoch even in fantasy for fear of losing out on lucrative streaming deals. I know you have been a bit angry in your tweets and other social media but at least you stick to your guns, sticking to your principles and maintaining your artist integrity. The analogy of the merging of media conglomerates into just the one is a terrifying proposition that is rapidly becoming a realtity with the merger of Fox and Disney for example. You see Ninth Circle was never really about Dungeons and Dragons is was about the here and now and the issues that face humanity but are too blinked by conditioning to see. The fantasy opens out eyes to these concepts in a different way. The magic being scientific advance, the dragons being carbon burning. We are divided North, South, East and West thinking but the collaboration across the sectors like Carter and Dante could by out salvation. So those angry keyboard warriors angry about their fantasy show should be getting angry about the real things in life and demanding things from your real rulers. I can only hope that Maguire has opened your eyes to other viewpoints. So 5 full stars from us. There will always be a grapefruit for you here in Sydney, Spencer. Especially in the gay community.