Ninth Circle
Loretta Lamb
Ninth Circle has amassed a worldwide fanbase broadcasting in 87 different countries since it first broadcast in 2012. Know as 9th0 to fans called "Circlers", there are video games,board games not to mention all of the internet memes. Phrases from the show have been heard in parliament by the prime minister.
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The Orginal Novels
Ninth Circle is an alternative time-line to Greek Mythology where the magical land of Atlantis exists in the centre of Europe. Although there is an ever threatening of a great earthquake and Tsumani. The old gods are replaced by new ones and the Greek Empire exists as strong force in Southern Europe right until Roman Times. In the North the Romans bring science as opposed to religion. In the East the great flood has not engulfed the Bosphorus leading to a Great Persian Empire that use dragons. In the West the pagans watch on, they do not have science nor religion but brutal nihilism and greed. Each side agree to send advocates (like ambassadors) at the flame of Aurora in the Circum temple on the island of Atlantis which is neutral territory but frequent battles happen between sides as they contest to rule the world. Every 4 years the advocates are tested by the seven trials akin to the Olympics. The trials consist of a test of the seven virtues Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Patience, Kindness and Humility The advocates are imparted with great magic by the flame to control the respective quadrants and bring harmony to the world. They are therefore required to be impartial so they undergo 7 great trails. Each trial has a Goddess that tries to tempt the advocates Lust, Glutony, Greed, Slouth, Wrath and Pride. They return to the flame of Aurora upon completing the trials and the flame judges their performance in and gives sentence. If they fail then they are replaced by their opponent and their sector loses some of it's magical powers to another. There is then inevitably a war for control of the world after this balance of power changes. The Flame of Aurora being like the UN secretary and Circum temple being like the UN. The story isn't just dungeons and dragons though as it is a clever analogy to our modern times and the division between societies and media conglomeration.
Removal from streaming platforms and social media
Due to the court case in 2019 and the controversy surrounding the writers inadvertant homicide, many of the platforms had already removed the series from their platforms. The major social media platforms also removed fan sites due to protests especially from the LGBT community following the writer's comments on social media. The platforms justified their decision after similar problems were caused by Kevin Spacey. Mitch Lucas of AMC quoting that the co-production with the BBC is dead an buried forever.
Ironically just like the destruction of the Flame of Aurora the master copies of the series were lost. The series was only available on streaming services with the master copies kept on a single server to prevent copying and highly protected via DRM. In 2020, just like the Universal Studio Fire of 2008 all of the copies were lost. The series still exists in in the minds of fans who have produced many home made versions of the episodes available on illegal download servers. Brief snippets and trailers do exists plus some fans have recorded some moments from the screen for screen grabs.