Ninth Circle
Loretta Lamb
Character Guide - In order of appearance
All of the actors in Ninth Circle except for Michael Maloney are talent within my agency, please contact me for engagement with them. Michael Maloney has not appeared in further episodes after season 1. The matter of the £6 cut from a £60 fee for a selfie has now been dropped as far I am am concerned if he would like to return to the agency and the cast of Ninth Circle. He is a wonderful, dedicated actor.
Petarch - Advocate for the Eastern Empire - Season 1
Michael Malony
Michael Maloney wonderful, dedicated actor
Filarete - Advocate for the Eastern Empire - Season 2 - 9
Wilson Everatt
Leonard Matthews grew up in Stretham to working class parents. He received a scholarship from The Noel Coward Foundation to study at the Old Vic where he performed in The Undertaker by Harold Pinter. He was a supporting character in David Lean's TV series Wedding Planners. He is to star in the musical remake of Citizen Kane with Jay Z. He is married to co-star Peter Packard.
Dante - Advocate for the Southern Empire
Peter Packard
Peter Packard born in Fulham to Afro-caribean parents, Peter attended the Pauline Quirk Academy where he was noticed by talent scouts. First appearing as Enoch Powell in the 'Rivers of Blood' at the Network Theatre. Time Out magazine said,"Rivers of Blood is not just colour blind casting but colour inverted casting. Having black actors play white racist characters of the 70s and white actors play beaten up youths by black policeman strangely works to highlight the issues. Peter Packard's impersonation of Enoch Powell in mannerisms and voice is perfect in an acting feat that I would have felt to be impossible if I had not seen it myself." He is currently staring in the 'I'm Free' the John Inman musical written and performed by Alan Carr. He has a big following within the gay community and is very close to his fans, even allowing fans to attend his wedding, to co-star Leonard Matthews all guest's being in Ninth Circle costume.
Carter - Advocate for the Western Empire
Wilson Everatt
Wilson Everratt was born in Westminster to corporate banker Michael Everrat attending the Jackie Palmer Stage School alongside James Corden and Eddie Remyane. He attended Eton Collage going on to study classics at Christ’s College Cambridge. His first TV role was as Evelyn Waugh's Sword of Honour. This BBC series where he won his first BAFTA for playing Guy Crouchback. The adaptation bravely translating the action from the Second World War to the Iraq War. He is currently playing an evil cross-dresser in J K Rowling's stage production of 'Terf' He also has a big following within the gay community although is straight himself.
Alberti‎ - Advocate for the Western Empire replacing Carter
Russell Corbett
Russell Corbet is the go to actor for tough guys which is why Jerry Bruckheimer called on him to play the less than cowardly lion in his his interpretaton of The Wizard of Oz alongside Jennifer Lopez as Dorothy, Keanu Reeves as Scarecrow and Nicolas Cage as the Tin Man. Russell 's suicide dive in his F-15 jet against the Wicked Witch of the West was last year's most viewed Tik Tok clip.
Machiavelli - Advocate for the Northern Empire
Robert Forester
Robert Forester received the 2005 Patricia Rothermere Award for his gritty leading role in Alan Bleasdale's The Rise and fall of Jermy Corbyn. He was pencilled to star in the Andrew Lloyd Webber's Dambusters musical before Andrew found out that Robert was a member of the Labour Party. He is Rick Blaine in Casablanca II directed by Spike Lee. He was the only member of that production including catering not to receive a Razzie Award in 2019. In fact Mark Kermode said, "Only a fine actor like Robert Forester could swim in a pool of turds that is Casablanca II without smelling of sewage." In his spare time he volunteers to coach young actors for Northern Stage.
Goddess of Lust
Alisha Secaucus
Alisha Secaucus started out in the glamour industry performing in very physical roles. Eager to be treated as a serious actress and not be type cast she took on her role in Ninth Circle. She is by far the most popular person with fans.
Goddess of Gluttony
Morgan Walsh
Morgan Walsh mixes acting with playing bass in the all lesbian band The Foxes fronted by 80's legend Samantha Fox. She is directing and producing and all woman version of the Shawshank Redemption with Ellen Degeneres and Oprah Winfrey both in their first acting role ever. Ellen said "After seeing Morgan in Ninth Circle, I could only say 'yes' to her to quit my chat show to work for such talent." Morgan has a big following within the gay community and is in the National LGBTQ Wall of Honor.
Goddess of Greed - Seasons 1 - 4
Synthia Pirrot
Synthia Pirrot. She is best know she her role as Poly the chiropedist in Call The Midwife. She is set to appear in David Lynch's adaptation of Hayne's Manual for the Morris Marina.
Goddess of Greed - Seasons 5 - 9
Amy Garrat
Amy Garrat is from Broklyn born to Jewish parents. She appeared as Betty in the pilot for the American adaptation of "Some Mother's Do Have Them", "Some Mommas" alongside Andy Sandberg as Frank. She apologized for punching Robin Strutt on set, Robin later went on to say he deserved it. I continue to work on settling their personal differences and and ensure they work together on set in a professional manner.
Goddess of Slouth - Season 1 - 4
Alisha Secaucus
Carol Bannister is best known for her lead role as the crime detective series 'The Stenographer' for which she actually learned the stenotype machine.
Goddess of Slouth - Seasons 5 - 9
Pecky Crystal
Pecky Crystal grew up in Singapore to Chinese and English parents, she attended Wellington College where she excelled in her role as the fairy queen in The Lion, the Witch in the Closet. Upon completing her drama course at Romford University, she appeared as the fairy queen in Midsummer Night's Rave at her father's theatre, The AsiaElectric Theatre in Woking. I am close friends with her father who regularly lends me his pony to ride when fox hunting.
Goddess of Wrath
Heidi Smith
Heidi Smith received a scholarship from the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation Royal that enabled her to work at the Birmingham Conservatoire cast as Queen Ealdgyth in William Shakespeare's King Harold, receiving a 5 star rating in the Birmingham Evening Mail. She then Played orderly No 2 in BBC's Casualty for 2 seasons. Finally recognising her talent she has just finished production in Woody Allen's We Heart NY about an elderly jazz musician falling for a much younger girl.
Goddess of Pride - Seasons 1 - 4
Shelyn Andrews
Shelyn Andrews first appeared in chidren's TV adaptation of Catch 22 for Nickleodeon. However she focused on her education first obtaining a degree in Microbiology and Politics from Southampton University. She appeared in the Universities drama societies production of The Matrix whereupon her skills in sci-fi were seen to be perfect for the fantasy role in Ninth Circle. It was a difficult decision for her to decide to take the role of Goddess of Pride or a researcher at Astra Zeneca. Thankfully she made the right choice. Outside of acting she is UN ambassador for empowerment of women and girls. She is unfortunately remembered for a dress malfunction when addressing the UN in her skimpy Goddess of Pride costume. This was voted funniest clip on "It'll Be Alright On the Night"".
Goddess of Pride - Seasons 5 -9
Ji Seong
Ji Seong She has been know for many years as Kitty in the Korean Soap opera Nation St. She moved to London for her appearance in Ninth Circle and to break into the English speaking market. She is to play the Forest Gump's girlfriend in Forest Gump II.
Thaxos - Evil King of the Eastern Empire
David Penrose
David Penrose has decided to go back to project management at British Telecom, he still does a bit of amateur dramatic work and is available for comic conventions.
Thaxos II - Stupid King of the Eastern Empire son of Thaxos who is crowned after he dies
Ched Hawkins
Ched Hawkins is from Boston appearing as a child actor in the series Star Trek Kindergarten as Kirk's grandson. He then used his skills as keen skater appear in Star Wars Jar Jar Binks on Ice as Abraham Lincoln. He then had a career break before moving to London landing the role of Thaxos II after I met him whilst he was working as a waiter in a Nandos. He is a regular at Comic Cons having appeared in three major franchises. He is in next season's Dr Who as third Cyberman.
Muskos - Lazy King of the Southern Empire
Gareth Hughmont
Gareth Hughmont was a pro wrestler before a back injury curtailed his sport during an the Olympic qualifying session. He still works out and competes at am amateur basis. He took to acting after a chance encounter wit Hulk Hogan who also went that route. He is 'Mr Force' of the lavatory cleaner adverts.
Murcock - Evil King of the Northern Roman Empire
George Cedrick
George Cedrick is recovering from a fractured jaw at the moment due to a fan confusing him for the evil character he plays. We wish him a speedy recovery. George is planning to return to his role as King Rat in Dick Whittington at the Wolverhampton Hippodrome this winter.
Zuckos - King of the Western Empire
Kevin Bratt
Kevin Bratt took to acting later on in life after being a financial services salesman. He had done a few bit parts at the Progress Theatre in Reading in his spare time but it was when he was selected by his firm to sing in their adverts that his career took off. He appeared in the Pantomine Cinderella as Buttons in High Wycombe's Swan Theatre before joing the cast. He is keen to take up a new role.
Tricky The Court Jester - Provides comic relief to the court inside the Circum temple. We don't know if he is good,bad or irrelevant.
Robin Strutt
Robin Strutt is best known for his standup winning at the Best Newcomer Award at the Edinburgh Comedy Awards in 2007. He was a regular panelist on 'Mock the Week' before his ill fated sitcom was aired. He describes himself as the love child of Carrot Top and Frankie Boyle. His stand up tour 'Most Hated Man in Comedy' starts again after Covid restrictions are lifted. He would like to apologise again for his controversial sitcom 'Belson' set in a concentration camp that was pulled after one episode.